Social Media Management Helps Businesses

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Social Media Management lightens the load: Phil Gregory – Peak District SEO

I was searching for articles relating to Social Media in The Peak District and the surrounding area. It’s always good to search for your business topic and the area that you work in. Firstly, I like to make sure that I have my finger on the pulse of local digital marketing provision as well as national and international developments. Continue reading “Social Media Management Helps Businesses”

Choosing The Right Web Platform For Small Business

Choosing a web platform for small, none eCommerce business: Phil Gregory – Peak District SEO

It’s true that I’m into SEO, and that’s the cornerstone of this business. However, without websites there is no SEO, so what I want to talk about today is your choice of platform. When choosing a web platform as a small business, the choice of the platform really matters.

There are a number of different web platforms out there to choose from. Making the wrong choice could be costly for your business. Continue reading “Choosing The Right Web Platform For Small Business”

The Best SEO Company in Matlock – Peak District SEO | SEO & PPC

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New SEO company in Matlock: Peak District SEO 2017

Is your company based in the Matlock Area? Do you have a website that just sits there, doing nothing, despite the fact that you paid hundreds for it, or maybe even thousands?

Good news, There is a new SEO company in Matlock, and that means that you have an easy to reach, experienced web marketing team just on your doorstep. Continue reading “The Best SEO Company in Matlock – Peak District SEO | SEO & PPC”

Customer Trust Key to Making More Sales

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Building Customer Trust on Your Website: Phil Gregory 2017.

How To Build Customer Trust on Your Website

Trust is a crucial ingredient that you must earn to get visitors to buy from your website.  If visitors to your website don’t think it’s safe and trustworthy, they are likely to leave and may never return.

There are a number of factors that subtly influence visitors to trust your website.  In this post, I’ll explore some of those factors. Continue reading “Customer Trust Key to Making More Sales”

How Remarketing Boosts Your Blog Traffic

Retarget Your Blog Posts:  Phil Gregory –  July 2017

When you spend a lot of time working on web marketing campaigns, sometimes, it’s good to get a fresh perspective.  That’s why I always read a wide range of web marketing articles each week.  In fact, It’s part of my daily routine.

A while back, I found a premium article by Rand Fishkin, Of Moz in which he asked: Continue reading “How Remarketing Boosts Your Blog Traffic”