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Domain name FAQs

Peak District SEO get asked a lot of questions about Domain names. Our advice is always the same. Try to choose a name that closely reflects your business name.

For example, If you are a farmer with holiday cottages, it would make sense to buy a domain name that reflects the name of your business. Such as “holly Farm Cottages”  rather than a generic name like “”.

Avoid Confusing The Customers

Derbyshire cottages is a great domain name, it should attract a lot of visits, but the competition for it will be fierce, and the competition for those keywords will be tough too.  Also,  if it doesn’t match the name of your business, there’s a disconnect in the mind of your customer.

It might seem that Derbyshire Cottages would be har better than “” but remember, you’d have to work harder to make such a generic term rank. If Holly Farm is your brand, then focus on promoting “Holly Farm cottage”.

What about buying extra domain names and pointing them at the live site? Well, it used to work well, but not so much today.

If you must buy multiple domain names, then your money is better spent buying the exact domain name with other suffixes, such as, etc.

That way anyone doing a branded search who accidentally adds the wrong suffix, will be redirected to your live site.

Here’s what Google had to say about it back in 2012

Matt Cutts, was Google Search spokesperson at the time and it was his job to answer webmaster questions about how the world’s biggest Search Engine worked.

Let’s be really clear about this I’m not saying NEVER buy an exact match domain. Just don’t do it to try to cheat the search engines.

If your business is called “Sheffield Taxis”, then “” would be the perfect domain name. “” would not.

Hope that helps.