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Peak District SEO welcomes guest bloggers wanting to write about:

SEO, PPC, Social Media, Digital Marketing, eCommerce,  Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Analytics, Marketing software, Artificial Intelligence, chatbots, voice assistants.

If you should wish to write an article about SEO, PPC Social Media or any form of digital marketing, we welcome your submissions.

SEO Guest Blog Guidelines

    • Suggested length: 600-1000 words
  • The article must be your own work. Do not copy and paste work from other sites. Do not submit articles that appear on other websites.
  • Write in a text (.txt) formal, use HTML where appropriate if you know how.
    Or write your article in google docs, and share with
  • Don’t use any special fonts or colours.  They will be lost when we add the article to the website.
  • Use plain English, short sentences and 3 ¾ line paragraphs are perfect.
  • Multimedia: images, podcasts, and videos are welcome;
    Copyright: please be mindful of copyright and intellectual property, and include only material for which you have ownership rights. (If you’re looking for interesting images to include, consider Creative Commons material with share-alike attribution rights.)
  • If you quote from other works, please give a full credit to the book, website, journal or photographer. Provide the title of the publication, the author, The publisher and the year published.If you quote from an online publication please quote the exact page you are quoting. Not the root domain.
  • For academic citations, this may prove useful (How to make correct citations)
  • Proofread your work, then proofread it again. If possible get someone else to read it.
  • A short bio and photo of yourself must be included at the end of your post. You may include a link to your own website.

    Comment Moderation

    If blog postings are set to allow comments from readers. Please respond to comments made on your blog posts.

    Always respond positively and professionally. Do not damage your reputation and ours by making impulsive, off the cuff comments to any negative feedback.

*Peak District SEO reserves the right to refuse publication of articles if deemed unsuitable.

However, we will work closely with you to ensure your article gets published.

The easiest way for both you and us is for you to not submit until you are truly happy.

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