Your SEO Keyword Reports – What the Data Shows

When we send you an SEO report it will be a combination of data extracted from the software we use to monitor your website’s progress.  Sometimes this data can be a bit confusing to look at. Below we outline what some of the key metrics mean.

keyword tracking landscape

The visibility index
The visibility index is based on click-through rate (CTR) that shows website progress in Google’s top 100 for keywords from the current tracking campaign.

A 0% visibility means that your domain isn’t ranking in google top 100 results for any of these keywords.

100% visibility means that the domain keeps the first position in the SERP for all of these keywords.

It’s likely that your visibility score will be in between these figures.  Our aim is to keep your visibility increasing. Don’t panic if it decreases occasionally though. Search results fluctuate and in most cases, drops are usually very short term.

Estimated traffic
Estimated traffic is based on the CTR (click-through rate shows a probability that the user will click on the domains search result depending on this domains’ position in the SERP), multiplied by the keywords volume and divided by 30 (a number of days in a month).

This is a sum of estimated traffic for all your keywords from this tracking campaign.

Average position

The average of all your rankings for the keywords in your tracking campaign. For every keyword where you are not ranking, it will be calculated as a ranking of 100.