Case Study PPI Company SEO

Case Study PPI Company SEO

Just as I was launching Peak District SEO, I was doing some work as a freelancer for another agency. I needed the money whilst my business was getting started.

The Goals

A prominent PPI company needed SEO to raise their visibility with the impending deadline for new PPI claims coming up.  The niche was extremely competitive and the owner was keen to compete with other key players.

SEO Process

The campaign had been managed by a number of other freelancers before it came to me, they’d had mixed success.

When I was handed the project, I made some basic changes to the process of optimisations which had a positive effect.  I simply introduced a focus of a basic checklist, concentrating on SEO basics, such as copy length, image naming conventions, canonical URLs and formulaic Meta data.

ppi claims seo
The image above shows a 30-day snippet during my work period. When competitive terms such as these get into the top 5 positions on the SERP it can be difficult to maintain upward movement.

In addition to pulling up the page 1 rankings, I also managed to significantly increase the average ranking position of all the keywords tracked.

ppi seo average rankingsThe overall visibility of the site was increased by almost 100% in inside 3 months.  In fact, by the 4th month, the client had overtaken all their other competitors.overall visibility


*I do not claim that all the improvements were exclusively a result of my work alone.

The SEO work was part of a retained package and work by copywriters and PR people whose work definitely assisted the growth.  My SEO strategy simply was the missing ingredient needed to deliver growth.

Grow Your Visibility Like This

Is your business in need of a visibility boost?  Organic SEO is a great way to grow the visibility of your business online. If you’re serious about dominating your niche at affordable rates, get in touch with us today.

eCommerce SEO Case Study – Fashion Retailer

We were approached by a small fashion retailer whose website was not performing well and had low visibility in searches. Case studies like these aim to show that with the right steps, growth can follow quickly.

In month One,  we targeted the technical SEO issues that were holding the site back.  In month 2 work began on fixing on-site issues focusing on brand products with margin.  After a short period, less than 2 months.  Their statistics are already headed in the right direction.

Average ranking position
Traffic Increased after we began work
We believe that Traffic increases can be a vanity metric.  There’s no point increasing traffic without ensuring that the traffic brings qualified leads or sales.  Sales monitoring was slightly trickier as the ecommerce tracking hadn’t been configured until we came on board.

increase your traffic

Increasing visibility for ecommerce websites
Whilst the figures are still pretty low at this time, the growth in this site is a testament to the strides that can be taken in a short space of time when optimisation recommendations are followed through and implemented.

Visibility Trend

Focus on Organic SEO before wasting money on paid campaigns.

Organic SEO provides the foundation to a strong, stable website that will convert traffic when you embark on paid sales campaigns. We believe Customers should only leverage paid sales campaigns once their website is fit for purpose. this will save money in the long run.

It’s great to drive traffic to product pages and make sales, but if you can rank those pages organically, you’ll save budget to market products that don’t yet rank.

If you have an ecommerce website and want to increase its visibility, drive traffic, and rank for more search terms, get in touch.

Case Study – WordPress Website Refresh

Case Study - WordPress

Tree Surgeons Website – WordPress Refresh

Hands-on Tree Care approached us for a website refresh. Their original site was looking dated and was not bringing in enough leads each month.

A new  WordPress theme was built from the ground up, to ensure that the website was mobile friendly.  We knew from google analytics data that more and more people were searching for the company using tablets and mobile phones.

On page SEO work was deployed on the revamped the WordPress website as well as a Google Adwords campaign.

The site is now mobile friendly, it loads faster, and has improved contact details and calls to action which is generating 3x more enquiries than before.


“Phil has had such an impact on the growth and development of our small business.  Phil provides one to one tailored support specific to your industry and is always available, offering ongoing support and advice, thank you for all your hard work Phil.”

Do you need a WordPress rebuild? Or just some fixes and a tune up?  If so get in touch for a free quote.

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Case Study – eCommerce SEO & Adwords

Case Study – eCommerce SEO & Adwords

A well-known Watersports supplier came to us after experiencing a dramatic drop off in traffic and rankings.  When the owners came to us, they were desperate for a turnaround.

After conducting a Website review we discovered the site needed a lot of technical SEO and on-site work. We offered the company terms and began work. Within just a few months the overall picture was very different.  Since then we have grown their revenue year on year.

Example of one month ecommerce stats showing year on year growth.

revenue increase

If you have an ecommerce website and need growth like this, get in touch for a free quote.

Case Study – WordPress Website Rebuild

Wordpress rebuild

Outdoor Activities Website – WordPress Rebuild

An outdoor activities company approached Peak District SEO for some advice, having slipped down the search rankings, despite being in business over 20 years. Their existing website was looking rather tired having been built several years ago.

The existing WordPress theme that had been used was no longer ‘WordPress approved’. The theme was causing issues with security and plugin conflicts.

After some initial technical SEO work to fix basic issues we revamped the WordPress website to bring it more in line with the sites of their direct competitors. Images were updated, the logo and blog were both refreshed.

The site is now mobile friendly, it loads faster, and has improved contact details and calls to action which is generating more enquiries.

Do you need a WordPress rebuild? Or just some WordPress seo fixes and a tune up?  If so get in touch for a free quote.

Case Study – eCommerce SEO

Case Study – Magento eCommerce SEO

A well known construction materials supplier came to us with the goal of increasing revenue and sales.

In the first three months of an Organic eCommerce SEO campaign, we helped grow their revenue 107.73% and push their conversion rate up to 3.01%. We also doubled their number of transactions.

ecommerce SEO growth
If you want to see your ecommerce store grow in a similar way. Get in touch today.

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