30 December 2020

Case Study Exterior Cleaning Company Leicester

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Case Study Exterior cleaning company from Leicester

Peak District SEO, picked up a couple of exterior cleaning companies a the same time. Normally, we wouldn’t take on 2 clients in the same niche but there was a notable difference in their service offerings and a considerable geographical distance between their local areas.

The Goals

The simple goals were:

  • Improve the website health
  • Simple WordPress management
  • Install tracking software for
  • lead conversions
  • Create more relevant and up to date content
  • Improve the contact form
  • Improve the landing pages
  • Build a local profile and gather customer reviews
  • Convey SEO best practice to web developer and host

SEO Process

The website had been managed by another company, now defunct, before it came to us, marketing wasnt their main focus. They had simply build he sitte and signed off.

When we were handed the project, we carried out an audi of the site to find out what its strengths and weaknesses were.   Once the audit was complete we had a checklist of fixes to be carried out to improve site health.

Working through the checklist we implemented the steps to increase leads and measure them. We saw that the site experienced a significant improvement in leads generated. 

The image above shows a 30-day snippet during my work period. When competitive terms such as these get into the top 5 positions on the SERP it can be difficult to maintain upward movement.

In addition to pulling up the page 1 rankings, I also managed to significantly increase the average ranking position of all the keywords tracked.

ppi seo average rankingsThe overall visibility of the site was increased by almost 100% in inside 3 months.  In fact, by the 4th month, the client had overtaken all their other competitors.overall visibility


*I do not claim that all the improvements were exclusively a result of my work alone.

The SEO work was part of a retained package and work by copywriters and PR people whose work definitely assisted the growth.  My SEO strategy simply was the missing ingredient needed to deliver growth.

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