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Is Your Website Secure? – It Needs To Be

If you have a website you may have heard a lot of talk about security and in particular, the need for an SSL certificate or “having a security certificate”. Most people, in all honesty, don’t even know what an SSL certificate is. I’ll try to explain without getting too techy.   What is SSL SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer.¬† The (SSL) creates a secure connection between the visitors on your site and the server that does the processing of interactions on your website, such as product sales, or form submissions. SSL uses a cryptographic system that encrypts your users’

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3 Ways to Use Onsite Search Data to Boost Conversion Rates

Onsite Search Improves Conversion Rates: РPhil Gregory Implementing on-site search on your website will literally be the gift that keeps on giving.   Looking at site search data one of the easiest ways to gauge what your customers/visitors are actually looking for on your website.  this will allow you to better react and make key marketing decisions that will help your customers and your bottom line. Correctly implemented and configured, web CMS platforms and Google Analytics can record customer searches.  These days website platforms such as WordPress and Magento have some kind of internal Site search tracking built in. If your

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ecommerce seo expert

Is your business looking for an ecommerce seo expert? If so then why not talk to us?  Peak District SEO have plenty of experience of working on Multi-Million Pound eCommerce Websites. Regardless of what platform your ecommerce website runs on, we can help. The majority of our experience lies with Magento, Shopify, Opencart and WooCommerce but we have worked an almost all the major ecommerce platforms and evaluate all work thoroughly before sending out quotes. If you want to know more about what might be holding your ecommerce website back, get in touch. Let us Check Your Site For Errors. Get in Touch [contact-form-7

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The Website Images Checklist

Website Images are an integral part of your content, whether you are an eCommerce business or a brochure site selling services the images are a key component of your sales Funnel.¬† When done correctly, images will aid your website when done correctly. To make sure you are getting the most from your website images we have built a simple checklist. Are Your Existing Website Images High Quality? Website images are like websites themselves, they date. After a few years, they can begin to look tired, images from the early 2000’s are often too small and pixelated for today’s high-resolution screens.

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Customer Trust Key to Making More Sales

Building Customer Trust on Your Website: Phil Gregory 2017. How To Build Customer Trust on Your Website Trust is a crucial ingredient that you must earn to get visitors to buy from your website. ¬†If visitors to your website don’t think it’s safe and trustworthy, they are likely to leave and may never return. There are a number of factors that subtly influence visitors to trust your website.¬† In this post, I’ll explore some of those factors. Peak District SEOPhil Gregory, Digital Marketing Consultant and founder of Peak District SEO. He helps businesses make more money, using traditional Search engine

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