23 March 2019

Is Your Website Secure? – It Needs To Be

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If you have a website you may have heard a lot of talk about security and in particular, the need for an SSL certificate or “having a security certificate”.

Most people, in all honesty, don’t even know what an SSL certificate is. I’ll try to explain without getting too techy.


What is SSL

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer.  The (SSL) creates a secure connection between the visitors on your site and the server that does the processing of interactions on your website, such as product sales, or form submissions.

SSL uses a cryptographic system that encrypts your users’ personal data from malicious activity. If you’re selling goods and services online, where people need to input their credit card details or any personal information, it is essential that your website is secure.

SSL Certificate

SSL certificates make it known that your site is secure and therefore, trustworthy.

Online shopping has increased dramatically in recent years and as web users become more tech-savvy, they know that shopping on sites with a SSL certificate is more likely to mean a more safe, secure transaction.

Sensible online shoppers won’t risk submitting their personal financial information on a non-secure website site.  Would you input your personal details to a site if it was marked in the browser as being un-secure?

Why Your Website Needs An SSL Certificate

  • Encryption of sensitive information
  • Authentication of the transactions path to the proper party
  • Gain consumer trust (trusted websites sell more!)
  • Protect against phishing scams
  • Google ranks secure sites higher

My suggestion, as a site owner, is to make the investment. Not only will it improve sales/trust, but it will also, mitigate the potential grief from stolen customer data.

Furthermore, your website is a part of your business, something that you made a significant investment in.   Therefore, if it’s not performing as it should, because it’s been demoted in the listings by Google, then surely that’s an urgent action point?  Need more info on this? 

Not secureThe address bar on Google Chrome notifies users of an insecure website.  That’s not going to inspire trust, and subsequently,  you may notice your leads dry up.

Different Types of Certificate Are Available

There are lots of different companies providing SSL Certificates, and there are different levels of encryption available.   If you get an EV certificate, you will also get a green address bar that further denotes trust.  * Green may not be active since 2018 via Google Chrome.   The stronger certificates still look slightly different though. (see below)

digicert ssl

This is preferable if you sell products online.

Choose wisely, because winning customer trust is really important.  Once they’re gone, you may never get them back.   Peak District SEO can advise you about making your website secure.

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