2 July 2020

Building A Better Web – How We Can Do It

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Building A Better Web – How We Can Do It – Phil Gregory: Peak District SEO

After 21 years of working in the web industry, I have seen a fair few websites. One common theme is that they could always be done much better.

Its been three years since I launched my own SEO company and throughout that time I have been thinking about how I can work more closely with other web professionals to build a best practice document.  I want to create a framework that will revolutionise our working relationships and dramatically improve client happiness and retention.

Working as SEOs, we often get businesses asking us to improve the visibility of their existing websites on Google.   The very fact that these websites are already built and are live online presents us with at least 2 clear challenges.

  1. Can we improve this website to the level that the customer expects, within the budget?
  2. How to liaise with the existing web developer/designers and web hosts.

It’s point two that I want to look at in this post.

Web designers and Web developers are sometimes the same person or sometimes a group of people within an agency, multiple agencies or separate freelancers.

What this generally means is that not all 3rd parties involved in the creation of websites are governed by the same set of expectations, either from peers, bosses or clients.  Each individual company has its own motivations for working in the way that they work.  Very often, decisions are taken for financial reasons. Other times there is simply a disconnect between what web teams,  marketing teams, hosting teams and even clients want.

So how do we bring all the different web professionals together under a best practice umbrella?

Having worked inside an agency, I know very well that collaboration can sometimes be tricky even in one company.  There are different personalities at play, and an informal approach, ie ‘asking’ or ‘telling’ other people to do things doesn’t always work out.  Tact and diplomacy will carry you so far but without a formal structure that everyone accepts, it’s hard to see where processes breakdown.

Someone has to step up and create a best practice document that is agreed upon by all and then regularly review that document to ensure it stays relevant.

So I’m making a start. Over the month of July 2020, I will be reaching out to industry professionals to get their advice on how they work.   I’m asking a simple set of questions to web professionals with the aim of creating a best practice framework to ensure better communication and collaboration leading to more effective working practices.

Web Designers & Developers

Designers & Devs, could you please help me out with this short questionnaire? Complete the survey. Afterwards, I may follow up with more specific questions.

I will be creating a questionnaire For SEOS and Web hosts shortly – Watch this space.

Why are you doing this Phil?
Designers and Developers, SEOs and Web Hosts, we all need to work together to provide the best websites possible for our clients.

The most important outcome of this project should be happy customers.

If you’d like to chat with me about this please feel free to email me on or drop me a message on Twitter @askPhilSEO

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