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Phil Gregory has been working in Information technology since the late 1990s.

Phil Gregory -SEO

Phil Gregory started his career as an IT Helpdesk technician at Staffordshire University in Stoke on Trent.

From there he was invited to IT Lecturing at Stoke on Trent College, where he taught a range of classes from HTML to Computers for beginners.

In 2002 he took up a position as one of two “New-Media Technologists” for Stoke on Trent City Council.

His duties included helping teachers and students how to use I.C.T and Digital Media within an educational setting. Matching the I.T needs of teachers to deliver the National Curriculum.

Phil built up a wealth of classroom experience, building training packages to suit the needs of Students and Staff at both Primary and Secondary School levels whilst working in-post for the council at Longton High City Learning Centre.

Phils’ innovative work with social media, blogs, vlogs, podcasting etc using Apple computers and tablets led him to be invited to become an  Apple Distinguished Educator alongside his day job.

Working closely with students and teachers across the country. Oversees trips saw him forge links with Apple distributors across the UK as well as teaching staff in Europe and the Middle East.

After spending Twelve years working in Education, Phil swapped the public sector for the private sector to pursue his passion for Web Marketing. The move brought a return to his native Peak District.

After landing a job in a prominent UK Magento Agency,  Phil improved his skills in marketing learning more about PPC marketing and earning certificates in Google Adwords, Mobile Ads, Video Ads and Google Shopping.

As well as advertising certificates,

adwords qualified

and also earned the charter mark for copywriting from the College of Media and Publishing.

College of Media and Publishing - Qualified Copywriter

Phil Gregory Founds Peak District SEO, 2017

Phil still loves to work with a hands-on approach, helping businesses to implement marketing strategies. Focusing on product merchandising, and PR outreach techniques.  After setting up Peak District SEO in 2017, Phil’s passion for the web is as strong as ever.

“Working with agencies has given me some great insight into what’s done well and what could be done better.  My aim is to provide an affordable SEO and PPC service for small and medium-sized businesses, especially those who seek ecommerce seo.

Furthermore, I aim to provide a service that delivers long term growth and sustainability, not just quick wins.

I want your business to think of my services as indispensible, and I’ll be working hard to grow a long term relationship with you to deliver your goals.”

Clients often need a mix of services that go beyond the scope of just SEO. This is where my partners step in.

“I work with a range of trusted partners to deliver services that fit neatly with good SEO, such as product photography,Video services,Web hosting, graphic design and web development.”

If you should need advice on any of these services, I can connect your business with a trusted professional.

I have access to a wide range of business professionals through my network and can help you find a trusted and reliable expert in almost any sector.

If you are looking to enhance your website merchandising, seeking to embed a strong pro-active approach to web marketing in your business, then please, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Feel free to browse the blog section for more information.

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