Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per  Click Advertising (PPC) is Internet advertising that drives traffic to websites.  By becoming an Advertiser, any business can create advertisements and pay a set fee each time their ad is clicked.  Popular PPC platforms are Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Bing Ads.

To ensure that  Ads are as profitable as possible, we recommend running ads alongside an SEO campaign.

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Grow Your Visibility With Google Adwords

Peak District SEO run and manage many Google Ads and Facebook ads campaigns. As a Derbyshire based PPC company, being located in the UK Midlands means we’re ideally placed to serve customers from all over the country.

Our Adwords consultants are Google Adwords Certified.  Google Ads is by far the most popular pay per click ad platform and a great way to promote your business.

We create ads using standard ‘Text ads, Display ads or Google Shopping ads’.
We can also create ‘Mobile ads or Video Ads’.

In April 2017 Google handled 77% of all search requests worldwide. For Mobile devices, such as phones, tablets and game consoles, it was a staggering 97%.

 This is where the majority of your audience is. Start showcasing your brand today! 

“The cost per acquisition was much lower. I'm a financial person so it's all about the return and getting the best use of my money and time.”

Nick Braun Owner

Are Bing Ads Worth Trying?

Absolutely, Bing PPC Ads offers a  great pay per click platform too.  It’s worth creating Bing campaigns and testing their performance compared to ads running on other networks such as Google Adwords or Facebook. Depending on your niché, you may find that Bing ads are more profitable for your business.

Remember, Bing is the 2nd most popular search engine in the UK.
Whilst it only has a fraction of Google’s visits, the people who use the Bing Network have a slightly different demographic.

A recent study of Search Engine usage revealed that Bing users are more likely to be Female and slightly older than those who use Google.

Bing’s user numbers are growing with a 6% UK market share and 17% in the U.S.  So, there are definitely plenty of potential customers who could see your ads on the Bing Network.

“90% of all my customers have a facebook account, I'd be crazy not to advertise on Facebook.”

Dave Shannon - Driving Instructor

Is Facebook Advertising Worth A Go?

Definitely! In fact, depending on your business, it may actually be more cost-effective for you to only use Facebook advertising. Particularly if your business only serves a small local area.

Peak District SEO offer Social Media advertising services alongside our traditional Pay Per Click.

We will visit your business to learn more about what you do. We work alongside your team to understand which are the most profitable products and services that you provide.  Then we will create ad campaigns to drive visitors to your website. All the time, monitoring the performance of your ad campaign to ensure value for money.

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Peak District SEO are Google Adwords Certified in Text Ads, Mobile Ads, Video ads and Google Shopping ads.

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