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Will Google Ads Work For My Business?

Will Google Ads Work For My Business? Obviously, being in the web marketing industry. I get asked this a lot. Sadly, there is no easy answer.¬† I could just say EXACTLY what you want to hear..but that has never been my style. So, when people ask; Will Google Ads Work For My Business? (Please indulge me whilst I trot out a massive cliche but)..¬† ‘It depends’. I honestly believe that advertising, if implemented correctly, will improve your leads and your revenue. There are conditions attached though. Budget Account Structure Ad Groups Keywords Landing Pages Competition Response / Attitude Advertising Budget

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How Remarketing Boosts Your Blog Traffic

Retarget Your Blog Posts: ¬†Phil Gregory – ¬†July 2017 When you spend a lot of time working on web marketing campaigns, sometimes, it’s good to get a fresh perspective. ¬†That’s why I always read a wide range of web marketing articles each week. ¬†In fact, It’s part of my daily routine. A while back, I found a premium article by Rand Fishkin, Of¬†Moz¬†in which he asked: Peak District SEOPhil Gregory, Digital Marketing Consultant and founder of Peak District SEO. He helps businesses make more money, using traditional Search engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media, and paid advertising (PPC). Phil loves Real

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