11 February 2022

Countering Negative SEO Attacks

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In May 2021, we were asked to look at a car buyers website.  The site was undergoing a rebuild and so we had to liaise with the new web developer to ensure the build was as SEO friendly as possible.

Once the site was launched we ensured that the whole site was indexed and that the site had a good technical SEO score.  Using tools such as SEMrush and Sitebulb, we like to ensure that sites we work on have a minimum score of 90 / 100. Obviously, we prefer a higher score but 90 is our baseline, and if that can be achieved, we know we are on the right track, and small fixes will pull the score up even higher.

fight back against negative seo
Countering Negative SEO Attacks

One of the biggest issues we faced was that the previous version of the website had been hacked. It looked like a deliberate attempt at Negative SEO because as well as many backlinks from poor quality websites,  spammers had managed to access the website and insert product pages for a huge range of goods and services, all of which the client definitely didn’t want to be associated with.

Peak District SEO carried out extensive checks to ensure there was no malicious code left on the new server or anywhere in any of the content ported over from the previous site.  Then, we scoured the Google index for instances of bad URLs which may have been become indexed.  Wherever we found any, we requested removal.  This process was long and laborious, and many thousands of links were actioned.

In addition to this, we analysed the backlinks pointing to our client’s website, anything that was of low quality can often be ignored but anything pernicious must really be disavowed. We don’t feel that ‘leaving it to Google to decide’ is an adequate course of action.

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