28 July 2022

Fencing Contractor SEO and Google Ads – Case Study

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At the start of 2021, we were approached by a Derby-based fencing contractor to help them raise the visibility of their website.

The business had a WordPress website which has been built and hosted by a regional web design and marketing company.

Whilst the design was appealing to the eye, like many websites built for small contractors it wasn’t generating any leads at all.  The customer wanted to increase the number of phone calls and email leads he was getting.

Fencing contractor website audit

Peak District SEO then carried out a website audit of the website. Looking at site health first. Like many that we see, the site was very slow, this was partly down to the poor hosting and support but mostly down to uncompressed images and files.

The design company were not contracted to deliver ongoing support on the site and so there were large numbers of uncompressed Javascript and CSS files. We proposed to compress all the files and put in place a process to keep the site optimised, going forward.

The Importance of Removing Blockers 

Peak District SEO always begin all jobs with a policy of collaboration. We love to form links with other tech providers to ensure happy clients and create a better web.

We are happy to collaborate with professional web designers and developers across the country. However, if we encounter uncooperative, or amateurish developers and web hosts, we always advise the client to break ties with them.

Our recommendations were:

  • Move web host, The existing host was using shared hosting and wouldn’t provide access to the necessary files.
  • Web design alterations. This was to just and conversion and make CTA’s more obvious to customers.
  • Improve copy and keyword usage throughout the website.
  • Create Ad campaigns for 2 locations.
  • Create specific geo landing pages for each campaign so that the ads would perform better.
  • Embark on a set of blogs that demonstrated recent work and niche knowledge.
  • Create and improve the Google My Business Profile
  • Small scale link building campaign to raise the authority of the website

In this instance, the previous web designer/developer was also the web host. This particular company was helpful and they did hand over the project without any issues.  We only recommended moving away from them because their hosting package wasn’t in line with the options we believe our clients should have,

Once Peak District SEO had taken over the site we moved it to new servers and began the optimisation process in an unfettered environment.

Initially, we undertook a Google Ads campaign and a small SEO package. Later we switched the package to SEO only diverting the finds from the Adwords Campaign to a Link building campaign.

Website Optimisation For Better Speed & Growth

The necessary work included:

  • Analytics tracking
  • Advanced Ecommerce tracking
  • Robots file tweaks
  • Creation of sitemaps
  • Connecting Analytics with Search Console Data
  • Google Tag Manager for more dynamic tracking
  • Compression of JS and CSS files for speed improvement
  • Removal/ reattribution of premium plugins
  • Image compression, renaming and labelling
  • Sitewide meta data rewrite

Growing A Fencing Contractor Website

Growing a business installing fences can be tricky. has its own unique challenges. Firstly we want to grow in a controlled manner. Any form of Deluge of leads is not helpful. Whilst a surge of less can allow the company to scale, that’s not always the objective.  In this case the client wanted a more measured approach, offering steady growth until up to capacity and then revisiting the strategy when they felt they were ready to expand the business.

This is an example of the steady growth that can be achieved on a very small budget and a marketing plan.

SEO For Fencing

Healthy increases

The future growth plan is now in place. Our client is providing a range of material for regular website content. And a link-building campaign is in place.

What Our Fencing Client Said

“Peak District Seo has been extremely helpful in promoting our Website. Phil has always been there at the end of the phone to offer assistance and guidance throughout. One of the most approachable and knowledgeable companies we work with.”

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