Why Derbyshire Needs SEO

Why Derbyshire Needs SEO: Phil Gregory – Peak District SEO

Over the last year and a half, I have seen so many more websites than I initially expected.  I know from a few conversations with colleagues that there is more SEO work out there than many people initially think.  In fact, there is so much out there it’s actually unbelievable. It’s ridiculously unquantifiable.

Derbyshire needs SEO because, as a very rural county, tech isn’t the biggest industry.  Subsequently, there is still a shortage of experienced providers.

Something that seems absolutely obvious to me is, that there are some great Web design companies and web developers out there.  However,  the work is so siloed that most of them are at best skimping on SEO and at worst ignoring it completely.

Why Web designers/developers don’t do SEO

The reason web designers/developers don’t do SEO is the same reason I don’t do web design. It’s best to focus on your core service.

I can code a little bit, I’m pretty good on Photoshop too, but I’m not Awesome!  when I set this business up I knew from previous work I’ve done over the years that the best results come from focusing on what you do best, rather than delivering patchy results on something you have a limited grasp of.

Why Hire An SEO?

So why hire an SEO I hear you cry, why not just find a company who offers a full service? Well, you can, if you can find one that offers the full service within your budget.

The only issue you’ll face is making sure that whoever is doing the SEO has enough experience and can show actual results otherwise you’ll be paying a premium for someone in a Web design company to do SEO for you. And you’ve come full circle.

Experts are Good
Sure it can be a pain to hire a whole bunch of people to work on your project.  However, Isn’t it best to take your time and choose the right person for each task?

  • Choose good Designers / Developers
  • Choose a good copywriter
  • Choose a good SEO / PPC

Get these people in a room together and get them working together.
When each one of these people is hired by you, they are not just going through the motions of their 9-5 job, they are working for their livelihood and their own reputation. they will all want to do a good job and deliver a quality piece of work because they all have a long-term investment in the project.

Why Derbyshire Needs SEO

Derbyshire needs SEO because the East Midlands is rising in prosperity, and with prosperity comes investment.  As more and more towns in Derbyshire get better broadband, the business possibilities increase.

Companies who, up until a few years ago were investing heavily in print advertising are switching to the web because they know each one of their customers has a computer in their pocket.

Of course, I have a vested interest to say this, but I’d strongly urge any company who sells online or who seeks high volume leads to be looking closely at their website.  Is it delivering what you’d hoped?

As your competitors get online, now is the time to forge ahead, or risk being left in their wake.

Speak to me about SEO services and how I can help your online business generate more leads and sales.

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