What Are The Benefits of Local Business Meetups?

How important are local business meetups to small and medium-sized businesses?  – Phil Gregory:  Peak District SEO

I’m not averse to attending business meetups. I know plenty of business owners who say that they just aren’t useful.  So who to believe?

Let me make one thing clear.  At this point, I’m only attending free meetups. Perhaps I’d get more out of paid meetings, but that remains to be seen.

Working in SEO for 18+years I have learned to base my decisions on the data.  It can be tempting to go on instinct, but such decisions are often based on bias and personal preference.

In the last 3 months, I’ve attended 2 meetups. Both were interesting, One was more business focused than the other. I didn’t acquire any leads from either meetup, but does that mean that attending was a failure?  Personally, I don’t think so? Two meetings aren’t enough to declare the whole idea pointless.

The latest and current favourite is the ‘Informal small business meetup‘ in Derby. Run and organised by Ascentant.

Some Benefits of Local Business Meetups

Peer Insight
Just listening to the everyday stories of other business owners can provide valuable insight.  All businesses face a unique set of challenges, but hearing how each business overcome these issues can be invaluable.

Listening to accounts of business owners can make you rethink your levels of investment and effort, perhaps we are focussing on the wrong things, or maybe we are really on the right track and any doubts you had were unfounded.

Learn Best Practise
The opportunity to meet owners of other similar businesses can reveal some best practices, that you are overlooking.   It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, you can still learn something.

A Social Opportunity
Once your our initial nerves have passed and introductions have been done. You may actually find that you like and have a lot in common with the people you’re meeting. As a hard working business professional, we all need a social life opportunity to make new friends and let off steam.

And last but of course not least,

The Business Opportunity
You attend these business meetups with the primary aim of getting leads and new business, but just like the rest of life, sometimes the most meaningful relationships don’t just happen on the first night. Over time, and a few meetings, once more trust has been built up, business opportunities can reveal themselves.

In conclusion, you may not get a lead from every meeting, but that doesn’t mean that your time wasn’t well spent.  You get out what you put in.

Did I miss anything? Perhaps you disagree? either way, I’d appreciate it if you’d leave me a comment below. thanks for reading and sharing my articles.