Social Media Management

Social Media Management Services from Peak District SEO.

What is Social Media Management?
Social media management simply the management of Social media accounts for a third party.

Businesses today are all fighting for exposure. Traditional advertising can be expensive.  Social media offers a free opportunity for businesses to promote their goods and services and engage with their audience.

“90% of all my customers have a facebook account, I'd be crazy not to advertise on Facebook.”

Dave Shannon - Driving Instructor

Social Media Ads- A Cost-Effective Way to Raise Brand Awareness

Many businesses don’t feel that they have the time or expertise to run multiple social media accounts effectively. That’s where Peak District SEO can help.

We have been running Social Media accounts since the very beginning. We have experience with forums, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube,  Instagram and more.

We know how to start engaging conversations with your target audience at the same time as growing your following and increasing brand awareness.

Social Media Marketing

The way your business uses social media depends on your needs. Some companies just need content creation. Other businesses are Interested in using social media as a marketing tool to grow their influence in the marketplace.

  • Facebook Marketing / Instagram
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Linked in Marketing
  • Google Plus Marketing.
  • Pinterest Marketing

An Integrated Marketing Strategy

We believe that Social media marketing works best as part of a complete marketing package of SEO, PPC  and email marketing.  Social media has a strong role to play in the overall growth of your business.

We believe that it’s best to have a presence on the platforms that matter most to you. We build your presence using data before making costly decisions.

If you need help to improve your Social Media presence contact Peak District SEO

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