20 July 2020

Using Twitter For Business

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Using Twitter For Business: Phil Gregory – Peak District SEO
Start using Twitter for business and you will see an increase in your brand awareness. Before you dive in, make sure you are not spamming your audience.

Chesterfield MarketHave you ever walked through the middle of a busy town market? Despite the market being there, you didn’t want to buy anything. You are just on your way from A to B.

The market may be all around you but, if you didn’t set out to buy anything there’s a reasonably good chance, you won’t buy anything.

It doesn’t matter that all the market traders are calling out to you, urging you to stop, browse and have a look around. That can be an irritating distraction that you simply don’t have time for, am I right?

Social Media – The New Town Market

Over the last few years, we have seen businesses rush to create accounts with the social media giants Facebook and Twitter. Smaller companies have begun to follow suit, drawn to the potential of social media platforms and the promise of “free advertising”.

It seems as though ‘every man and his dog’ has a profile on Twitter.

This is fine in principle, and sure, it feels great to know that we are living in a world where we are all getting connected where ‘the little guy’ now has a voice.

However, if you are a small business, the question is do you get your message across using these platforms when there’s more competition online than there is on the high street?

Find Your Unique Voice 

In the traditional marketplace, traders employ all kinds of tips and tricks to get you to stop at their stall. Such as the way they organise their stall, the prices, the way they display price lists, special offers, and most distinctive of all Their call to action, IE the way they shout out about their products.

Many businesses don’t understand how to use Social Media
They seem to think, “Hey this is a marketplace, my business is my stall, so what do stallholders do? They shout.

Be heard above the noise
Traders all shouting to be heard

Once everyone starts shouting, how do you get your message heard above all that noise?

Stop shouting. The discerning customer is always surveying the landscape for quality, and you don’t have to shout to use social media effectively.

Shouting, or only posting links to your product range, on Social Media Platforms is the same as those annoying Viagra emails that you get in your email inbox.  It’s the same as those flyers you get through the door advertising the next burger Joint or kebab house. Put simply, repeatedly shouting your message out on twitter is SPAM.

If you are doing this, you might be spamming people. You are almost likely irritating people, this will lead to your account being ignored or worse, unfollowed. Stop Spamming people, they don’t like it.

Start Building Twitter Relationships
Instead of having a Tweet stream full of links, that person may or may not be interested in, make a statement about something relevant.  Making a statement that interests your target audience is more likely to get a response than just sending them a link saying go to my website.  Ann Smarty has some great tips on what is and what isn’t acceptable on the different social media platforms.

  • Answer their questions, be useful.
  • Establish yourself as someone who knows.
  • Stand out!

Encourage Engagement

Here’s a brief example of how you can use Twitter in a more positive way.

You have to engage with the people you follow and the people who follow you. It’s called “Social Media” for a reason, you have to be sociable.

Once you have the conversation flowing, don’t hold back. That person just approached you, find out who they are, what company they are associated with, what articles they have written, what they like and recommend. See every interaction as an opportunity.

Just looking at their Twitter stream will give you some valuable insight into who they are and what they like. Is there a way you can help them?

Ask questions directly to people, it starts the conversation.

Every time you help someone in a public sphere your followers see this, the followers of the person you are helping, see this too. You are increasing your influence.

One great Influencer is the founder of Wine Library TV, Gary Vaynerchuck. He helps business owners and entrepreneurs build their strategy.  Gary believes in creating content, that documents his working life, this fills the void when there isn’t anything targeted to say. Now his whole working life is documented by a small media team who share it across multiple social platforms.

Most of us have more modest resources, there’s only so much you can say each day, and only so much, that people can take in.  So try to think about the type of benefits your goods and services offer your followers.

Five Tips For Using Twitter For Business

1) Build a schedule.
Use a spreadsheet and build a list of useful things to tweet about that reflect your company values. This might be things that relate to your products and services, it might be factual statements, it’s ok to post links to your site or blog content, just don’t do it every time you post an update.

2) Build Curiosity
Entice people to look at your content. Don’t just use social media to post links to products, use social media to create interest in your blog, which will help build your reputation as an authority in your field.

3) Post photos.
Most of us have smartphones, so you can use them to post product images, images of your daily work, that helps build trust with your customers and potential leads. Try setting up an Instagram account. But again, don’t spam it, be natural.

Use images that resonate with current trends and social events. An example I recently used is the use of Pennywise the clown, from the Movie ‘IT’.  The idea is to make people wonder what the post is about.

Focus on . what your audience wants
If your customers want blue balloons, sell blue balloons.

4) Promote your latest blog post in your bio
If you don’t have a blog? Talk to me about getting a properly built, business blog. You are going to need a blog to provide more information about your products and services.  These days we tend to see this used on Instagram too but it’s a great way to get people who miss your updates to see your latest articles.  Vegan travel blogger, Amélie Gagne often uses this technique and is a master of linking her various social platforms together.

5) Delegate the work
Are you the only person in your business who can contribute to your social media campaigns? If so, you might want to consider hiring a professional to help with social media campaigns.

Alternatively, you can assign the work to an office junior or someone who has an interest in Social media. Be sure to give them a reasonable budget so that they can invest in Twitter ads,  courses and subscriptions to useful social media tools such as HootSuite, or Drumup.

They can gather the content for you by talking to team members and documenting the typical workday, as well as special events.   You get editorial control about what goes out publicly. This way you are showcasing the abilities of every member of your team.

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