Artificial Intelligence for SEO

Artificial Intelligence is the new buzzword in the news over the last few years.  But how can we use Artificial Intelligence for SEO?

It has become a game changer in SEO and Digital marketing.  Artificial Intelligence research is constantly moving forward to enhance the response rate used by digital marketers.  Before looking a little deeper into the topic, let us first know what SEO is and why is it so important?

What SEO is & How it Can Benefit From AI?

SEO is essentially a set of techniques used by digital marketers to enhance the quantity of traffic on the website and thereby increasing leads and sales. SEO, when done correctly should, over time, improve the ranking of the website.

Artificial Intelligence
Search engines like Google work on an algorithm that has a constant watch on the entire content of web servers.  Google monitors this content by reviewing sites using software bots known as Google crawlers or ‘Googlebot’.  These crawlers rank the websites according to Googles predefined parameters.

So, being more visible to web crawlers and obtaining good rankings is really important.   Some things should be kept in mind before carrying out SEO.

Focus on growing your organic traffic. Organic traffic is traffic that is obtained without paid ads. Organic SEO is a long-term strategy that will save you money.

Now, let’s discuss the applications of artificial intelligence in Search Engine Optimisation

Understand Meanings Behind Keywords

Billion of searches are going on around the world, each and every second.  People want the most relevant results regardless of how they search.  For example, people search queries such as:

“Which hotel has the best view of the Wye Valley, Wales?”

Search engines have become intelligent enough to understand the intent of the search and provide results with the list of hotels.

Sometimes you will need more in-depth knowledge to understand the keywords, that’s where SEO companies come in with their professional strategies. For more information on this and quality SEO strategies, the guys over at
OutreachMama have some good tips.

Artificial intelligence Predicting user behaviour

Artificial intelligence helps predict user behaviour. This has become possible by collecting huge amounts of data.  As soon as a user opens the browser and start searching the search data get stored in databases. In this way, user behaviour can be predicted by their past searches, profession, age, gender etc.

By predicting user behaviour, A business can focus on their target customers.  All businesses are looking to gain more targeted customers, as targeted customers are more likely to buy something or sign up for a service.

The more engaged customers are, the longer they stay on site, and the more likely they are to make a purchase, sign up for a service or leave reviews. all of this data creates ranking signals which improve rankings in the SERPS.

How A.I Provides Insight From Consumer Reviews

Reviews from the customers have larger relevance in SEO than you might think. This is because reviews are written by real people in normal language.

For example, a customer might write: – “this is the best restaurant in the city”.
So, if someone in that same city searches for” best restaurants nearby”, the chances are, a positive review like that can help the restaurant get listed in the local search results.  The power behind these local results is  Artificial Intelligence.  By helping to interpret the meaning of what people are searching for, it assists local business websites that match the queries.  Of course, it’s more complex than that, but you get the idea?

Chatbots To Improve SEO

Customers have thousands of queries about your product or services. To answer all the queries in an effective way, artificial intelligence has come up with some solutions. Chatbots. You heard it right.

One of the most common applications of Artificial Intelligence is chatbots. Chatbots help in answering the queries of customers in an effective way. Chatbots behave in a friendly helpful manner by engaging with people.  This, in turn, helps improve your conversion rate. This site has a chatbot (chat box) and most marketing websites and ecommerce websites will be deploying some sort of chat box on their site.

During working hours the chat boxes send a message to the website owners/staff that a customer needs help, it’s the digital equivalent of the bell on the shop counter. Out of hours the chatbots, depending on how sophisticated they are can either take a message or even refer customers to specific parts of the website to help customers with their queries.

Don’t miss the chatbot boat

According to a recent report by Grand View Research, the global chatbot market is expected to reach $1.23 billion by 2025

computing giants Oracle published a survey of chief marketing officers, chief strategy officers, senior marketers, and senior sales executives from France, the Netherlands, South Africa, and the UK, 80% of the respondents said they already used chatbots or planned to use them by 2020.

Forty-two per cent of participants were really embracing automation technologies, 48% are already using automation technologies, and 40% are planning to implement automation by 2020.

Companies were wary of the use of chatbots are now feeling the pressure to integrate them into their service offering.

Improve Shopping Experiences Using Customer Data

We all know how tedious it can be to shop online.  There are millions of products that are available on various shopping sites.  The Artificial Intelligence in search engines and now ecommerce websites such as Amazon can gather a user’s previous data, analyse it and show recommendations based on the previous searches.

More and more companies are developing A.I that delivers recommendations.  Sites which implement such software have seen a boost in their sales. Sites Personalisation software is driving in-site recommendations.

In Conclusion

At the end of the day, we can say that using artificial Intelligence for SEO has helped Search marketers to a huge extent already In the future, it’s going to become necessary for digital marketers to learn more about Artificial Intelligence, and how to harness its data gathering power.

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